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Bison helps start-ups and entrepreneurs in different ways, depending on the demand of the (future) entrepreneur. You can come to Bison for financing, coaching, office space, laboratory space, expanding your network and more.

Bison finances promising ideas in Water Technology and Life Science

Bison is part of the Water Campus Leeuwarden

The ultimate innovation hotspot for water technology


Friesland financing table: easier financing for SMEs

A good idea, an excellent plan, but needed financing. The financing landscape for growing and innovative companies is often unclear. As a result, startups and SMEs do not always find the right financier for their capital and / or financing needs.

That must be improved because access to finance is one of the most important bottlenecks for the growth of start-up and innovative companies.

Curious how this can be improved?

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You are eligible for the BISON facilities when...

  • as a starting entrepreneur in the Northern Netherlands in Water Technology or Life Sciences!
  • if you only have a few more steps to take to successfully enter the market.
  • if mainly lack of money hinders your success as an entrepreneur!
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Bison part of Water Campus Leeuwarden

Because Bison is part of the Water Campus Leeuwarden, Bison can do much more for you than just financing. The Water Campus offers students, PhD students, start-ups and SME entrepreneurs all the tools they need to support, further develop and market innovative ideas in the field of Water Technology and Life Sciences. Examples of tools are innovative collaboration programs, research facilities, financial instruments and knowledge and experience of scientists and entrepreneurs and BeStart. Through Bestart a professional accelerator program is offered to starting entrepreneurs.

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